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Interview With a Bookshop: Libreria Clichy in Florence

As long as I can remember,I've had a very deep connection with books.

正如我在博客上提到的,books were my friends when I had few of them,they were a way to escape mentally from my surroundings (general boredom in Texas- it's a real thing) and be instantly transported into another world.这让我不再害羞,awkward kid with little to say — to someone谁也不能闭嘴。

This love hasn't waned and I hope it never does (sorry Nico,you have to share me on this one).

That being said I've been wandering around Florence for 10 years in search of good books and I feel like it is now my time to give back by supporting them.Independent bookshops that despite having everything against them,are still there and still trying to stay alive.他们中的许多人吹嘘的不仅仅是一个迷人的性格,they carry books you won't find at chain bookshops and offer a more personalized experience while browsing.

One of which if around the corner from where I live,,克利希图书馆,a small 80 square meter bookshop opened by the publishing house of the same name,home to around 7,000 books.It's a stone's throw fromPonte Santa TrinitaonVia Maggio,an elegant street that encompasses so much of what I love 威廉希尔中文网站about the city of Florence.周围到处都是美术馆,bespoke boutiques,antique shops and artisans working away on well-worn and well-loved desks in tiny doorways among the side streets.

What I love 威廉希尔中文网站about Libreria Clichy is the total lack of snobbery once you walk in the door.If you ask for help,Silvia and Walter are more than willing to browse right along there with you and help you pick out book.There is a lovely outdoor courtyard to mill over a favorite title and an ample area with children's books.

By supporting independent bookshops,你支持当地社区——当然,the local economy.It means a continuation of supporting local authors and provides a more human experience when you walk in the door.I loved this quote by American novelist Ruth Ozeki forThe Guardian关于为什么你应该支持独立的书店。"Shops like this keep a place in their shelves for the books I write – without them I wouldn't have readers.""

I certainly don't want to live in a Florence solely outfitted with snack bars,restaurants and shops aimed at passing tourists.I want to live in a place where"community"doesn'tjustexist in a digital form (said by a SM consultant…).

Just the other day while snapping photos for this article,I picked up a slim edition by local architectFrancesco Gurrieri on"米开朗基罗·迪菲伦泽”"detailing his life and work in Florence in both Italian and English,连同插图和照片。These would make wonderful gifts for anyone looking to learn more 威廉希尔中文网站about their city in a pocket-sized format.

我问Tommaso Gurrieri,the editorial director of Edizioni Clichyto answer a few questions on the state of independent bookstores and share why he decided to open up a brick-and-mortar location in a world where more and more people go directly to Amazon to purchase their books.

Thus an idea for a new series is born: interviews with a book seller,呈现第一个帖子……

Ps.Don't miss his three book suggestions at the bottom of the article.

Why is it important to support an independent bookshop?成功需要什么??

The Italian publishing market is in the hands of an oligopoly led by large publishing groups that control the entire chain.If there were no independent publishers and independent libraries (a problem even more so in Anglo-Saxon countries,France or Germany) people would only have the opportunity to read the work of limited authors and,in general,those that are more commercial.

There is no secret formula for a library to succeed,它真的需要每天的参与,并且能够通过提供别人没有提供的东西而脱颖而出。

Our aim is to create a true and loyal relationship with our customers.

To succeed as a library,there is no perfect formula.It requires daily engagement,and an inmate ability to characterize oneself by offering things that you don't see elsewhere,combined with the ability to retain customer loyalty.Logistically,we are also in an area with few similar bookshops.

What are some of the challenges you face??

The challenges are there every single day and probably the biggest one is a question of survival.We have to understand and live among the rules of a market that are not comparable to any other industry.Profit margins on book are some of the lowest,ever.Maybe only newstands have less opportunities than bookstores- and in fact – many of them are closing for good.

Tell us more 威廉希尔中文网站about your store,including its history and location.Also,what types of books does your store stock and specialize in??

Libreria Clichy opened in September 2015,作为同一出版社自2012年以来的直接派生,它在意大利各地运作。我们开这家商店的原因,源于我们想在佛罗伦萨拥有自己的砖混空间的愿望。

It is a nice shop – very elegant despite not having a coffee bar.There is a large catalog of both adult and childrens books (and in foreign languages).Many are by independent publishers,all with a very high-level narrative.

Do you and your staff handpick your books??

We live with books and we live for books.

This we do by touching them,browsing them and of course reading them every single day.

How do you deal with the fact that so many people buy books online??

It is a problem that of course by opening this bookstore we had to confront.Our aim is to appeal to those people who still in 2017 will only buy a book after holding it in their hands.These are the kind of people who enjoy browsing and feeling the pages of a book,the texture,气味,the weight.Luckily for us,these people still exist.

Do you organize William Hill真人百家乐events or keep involved in the local community??

我们每周在店里组织一些活动。William Hill真人百家乐Most are presentations by local authors,但我们也经常有作家,他们在意大利和其他特殊事件中广为人知。William Hill真人百家乐A couple of times a year we organize parties with readings,音乐,wine and food for the public.

Do you encourage people to stay,sit and read in your bookshop??

We don't have a coffee bar but we do have a small living room- and above all a beautiful courtyard where anyone who wants to visit,can feel free to hang out.It often happens that students,especially foreign ones,呆在那里读书或学习。

What would you like people to know 威廉希尔中文网站about independent bookshops that they might not know already??

We would like people to know that opening an independent bookshop in Italy is a very difficult challenge,it is really a choice for editorial freedom of choice.The people that choose to buy a book from a place of ours – and not a chain shop,respect and appreciate those values and they know that it contributes to more freedom of information and culture.

What do you love 威廉希尔中文网站about being a bookseller??

A best-seller is not in itself,a commercial book.It happens sometimes that there are wonderful books that also are able to sell a lot.It's rare,但一旦发生,it is a true miracle.

Can you give us three book recommendations from your shop based on what you or your staff love right know and why??

The first is Raymond Queneau's"Blue Flowers",a genius,never-ending,experimental novel that traveses space and time.The second is"Letter to a Teacher"作者:Don Lorenzo Milani,the most revolutionary book of the twentieth century.The third is our children's book,"Wolf & Lupetto,"一个关于友谊的精彩故事,五年来一直是威廉希尔中文网站我们最畅销的书。We've reprinted it at least ten times.

Useful Details

克利希图书馆:Address:Via Maggio,13/Rosso,50125 Firenze FI.Phone:055 264 6025.Opening hours Mon-Fri 10:00-3:30pm,下午3点30分到8点,Saturday 10-20.Sunday: closed.





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  1. 答复
    Brooke Herron
    14.10.2017 at 18:34

    ‘I want to live in a place where"community"doesn't just exist in a digital form (said by a SM consultant…).'

    couldn't agree more!I'm an SM consultant ONLY out of my desire to help small business be more known so in fact I shy away from working with completely digital companies because my only purpose on SM is to lead people to unique places or experiences they wouldn't otherwise know 威廉希尔中文网站about (real tangible experiences with real people!)I love the look of this space-If I was still a student in Florence I'd certainly pick up a book here and also use the excuse to study in this intimate space

    1. 答复
      15.10.2017 at 9:21

      你明白了,布鲁克。我的理论是,通过在数字世界中工作,我们可能特别欣赏这样一个事实,即人类需要关掉电脑,用拇指拨弄一本真正的书。I love the internet,like you I like helping small businesses but I don't want to live in a world where those small businesses neglect to survive because everyone just orders everything online from huge retailers the dominate the market.

  2. 答复
    14.10.2017 at 19:31

    Wow!很高兴找到你的博客!Happy to see other English speaking bloggers in Italy.How is the blogger community here?We just moved back again after several years in Finland.

    1. 答复
      15.10.2017 at 9:20

      Thank you Sarah!Welcome back to Florence,we adore Finland btw.We went to Helsinki a few times and probably will go back next year too!!

  3. 答复
    15.10.2017 at 16:14

    I'm in publishing,too,所以我想知道图书贸易的未来。威廉希尔中文网站I've noticed that my paper books are selling better than a few years ago,and ebooks are doing worse.What do you think?有没有一种回到纸上的趋势??

    1. 答复
      16.10.2017 at 8:37

      That's a really good question.I know plenty of people are pretty fierce for their love of paper copies but it is a little strange considering that e-books are very popular at the moment.I'll have to ask around on this one 🙂

  4. 答复
    Stuart Forster
    18.10.2017 at 15:58

    Aren't book stores great places to visit?I share your passion for them and like the style of your post.

    1. 答复
      18.10.2017 at 19:34

      They really are,and I want them to stay alive,这就是我开始这个系列的原因。任何小事情都会有帮助的。Thank you Stuart for enjoying and commenting on the post.

  5. 答复
    Kathryn Burrington
    18.10.2017 at 21:22

    Fabulous idea for a new series of posts.Quirky,independent bookshops are always a joy to discover.

    1. 答复

      Thank you Kathryn,I appreciate your support!They really are a joy and I'm not determined to discover them all in Florence 🙂

  6. 答复
    Shobha George
    04.11.2017 at 14:32

    We love books and indie bookstores too!This is a great idea for a series.我认为他们应该得到所有他们能得到的爱,因为独立书店是一个濒危物种。We haven't gone digital and probably never will because we just love the feel and smell of real paper.

    1. 答复
      04.11.2017 at 19:26

      My hope is that places like this continue to thrive because what would the world be without them,right?I know how popular Amazon is but I fear that the world one day be one big Amazon/Ali Baba warehouse.I still love browsing books :).Thanks for your comment Shobha!!

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