Imagine the most magnificent gardens you've probably ever seen,一个生长茂盛的地方,jasmine and roses snaking their way over the crumbled ruins of a medieval city inLazio's拉丁美洲池,罗马以南40分钟。


Its name,dedicated to the Naiad Nymphs goddesses of spring water,可以在花园里看到一座古老的寺庙,它的罗马根就在这里。当然有achieved cult status among the gardening cognoscenti and is the only garden to appear on a postage stamp in Italy.People have taken their wedding photos here and last year Ninfa appeared in the blue butterfly Gucci commercial.


其存在的最初记录源于8世纪(公元743年),当时它被赋予教宗扎卡里亚斯by the Emperor of君士坦丁堡,,这个花园当时就存在于尼法古城的城墙内。每次新教皇当选,they sent a member of their family to manage this small town.房产被出售给皮特罗二世于1298年来到凯塔尼的家族,之后他们将拥有这座花园700年。1382年,该镇在交战期间被一场大火彻底摧毁。The ruins you can see in the garden today date back to the medieval times.

After being deserted in the 14th century it fell into a very long slumber and became a疟疾肆虐的沼泽地幸运的是,在20世纪(1921年),卡拉西奥卡塔尼从纽约获得工程学位后回到这里,bringing with him a technology that would become very important to the garden's revival: hydraulic water pumps.

After convincingMussolini,现任总理的新想法,he then started to put his ideas into action.During this time,他发现土壤的酸碱度(一种特殊的石灰岩品种)起到了天然肥料的作用。给他母亲的一封信艾达·布特尔·威尔布拉罕当时王子奥诺拉托·卡塔尼的英国妻子威廉希尔中文网站about this project he wrote that he wanted a"地球上的一小片天堂。”你完全可以看到英国人对花园的影响

然后他们排干沼泽地的水,种上柏树,黑美国胡桃固执的tree with super hard nuts,magnolia,桦木,水鸢和一些日本枫树以及各种各样的植物种类(仅在尼法就有1300种变种)。

The last heir of the Caetani family Leila gave the garden an artistic touch,灵感来自巴比伦花园。她找了一个你必须寻找美的地方,真正和谐的地方。Despite having no heirs donated the garden to theRoffredo Caetani Foundationwho run the openings and preservation today.

我的两分钱,this place ismore比增加你下一次拉齐奥的行程更有价值(目标是在紫藤盛开的2018年春/初夏)。值得记住的是罗马不是访问拉齐奥的唯一原因and I recommend adding a few days to your Italy trip to discover some of these incredible Lazio day or weekend trips.

这是一个很快让我成为孩提时代最受欢迎的读物的地方。"秘密花园”"by Frances Hodgson Burnett,,提醒人们,总是有一个特别的,在你意想不到的地方有一个秘密的地方。

I was there as part of a special"拉齐奥奇迹之路”" tour organized by the region to promote Lazio beyond Rome,which is quite a good idea if you ask me.My only wish is that I was there with Nico because as《纽约时报》如此正确的陈述,Ninfa really is the"most romantic garden on earth.""

你为什么要问?Well,theGardens of Ninfa in Lazioconjure up that feeling because it is quite simply,美丽的,organized chaos turned green oasis with a plethora of flora and fruits.Walking in you are struck with large trees bearing fruit,small bird-houses (individually tailored to each bird) and vines wrapped lovingly around trunks,like a hug.玫瑰似乎迸发出颜色,你在背景中听到的唯一的声音就是一条冒泡的小溪。

Added to that the river Ninfa flows for 30 km towards the Pontine plain and is home toto a special species of river trout,数千年前由罗马人进口。


How to Visit The Gardens of Ninfa

重要的是要注意,这些花园是私人的,这意味着你需要做一些额外的计划,当你想参观。它从4月到11月开放,在他们的网站上有公开的开放。Alternatively you can arrange a group of minimum 25 people to see the joy of Ninfa.更多可以通过他们的网站找到在这里.

How to get there?开车绝对是最容易的,,但是他们提供穿梭服务from nearby Sermoneta.

Price: 12€ per person otherwise 10€ if you arrange a group of 25 people.Visits are by guided tour only and the garden is wheelchair accessible.

  • Giardino di Ninfa:博物自然区,,经由Provinciale Ninfina 68,04012 Cisterna di Latina – LT. info@fondazionecaetani.org

可以找到更多信息on the VisitLazio website.



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