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I have to be honest,从我渴望吃任何像本笃会鸡蛋的东西到现在已经一天又一天了。

在佛罗伦萨,几乎感觉早午餐是一种流行,来来去去去。After 10 years here,I have become more Italian than I would care to admit.I drink coffee and sometimes have a pastry for breakfast.It's not really a thing we do in our household though for lunch,avocados often sneak into our meals.

当你想吃培根的时候,eggs and anything"brunch-friendly"在佛罗伦萨,确实有一些主食仍然是真的和好的,namely妈妈的面包店或Le Vespe。这两个地方都是当我想吃一点英式早餐或早午餐时我通常去的地方。

However there's a new kid on the block and boy is she beautiful.

Enter,stage left,Momio。Let's embrace a little honesty hour,比萨那从来不是佛罗伦萨最性感的街道,actually it has remained defiantlyunsexyas it serves as a residential endless stretch of a road that gets more exciting as you near the city.Near Borgo San Frediano,you have dependable old-school trattoriaSabatino,最好的无装饰的手工啤酒酒吧透景化and now a place with omelettes,eggs benedict,a full english breakfast,a curated dinner menu and space for cowering.让人有点惊讶的是,他们选择了一个如此远离常规旅游网格的景点,但也许正是这一点。

I broke my usual rule of not writing 威廉希尔中文网站about a place until it has been there at least a year because I just want to support what is a really cool new spot.因为位置有点不明显,hopefully this will spur those who don't mind walking off their dinner to try something new away from the crowded streets surrounding the Duomo,Santa Croce or Palazzo Vecchio.在附近,您有上述酒馆,靠近塔索广场,在奥罗拉享用餐后或餐前饮料,a local favorite with outdoor seating.

在莫米奥,你进入的感觉很英国化,但不要被愚弄,the menu features a wide array of International options.However,when I think 威廉希尔中文网站about it,is actuallyvery British.英国的国菜鸡不是提卡马萨拉吗??

The front room is pleasantly muted in cool shades of blue,棕色和粉色,带彩色灯罩和裸露的电线。On one wall,a glass cupboard showcases a selection of pretty china,a child's tea party waiting to happenorwho am I kidding,one for adults.

Along the main cafeteria bar sits a various array of glass-covered nibbles,of the sweet variety.Stacks of large chocolate chip cookies,one-person crostini and berry muffins,a perfect pairing go to go with a selection of tea from当地的茶天堂(good choice guys) or an excellent selection of single-origin coffee (labeled on the menu with the place of origin).

我们迫不及待地看了看他们的自助餐厅菜单,选择了他们的鸡蛋菜。完美煮熟的鸡蛋本笃,皇家鸡蛋或佛罗伦萨鸡蛋(9至11欧元一盘),所有的英国松饼都是手工制作的,因为娜迪亚的使命是找到完美的松饼,在伦敦住了一段时间之后。Also on tap on omelettes,pitas,yogurt and granola.We shared a deliciously crunchypizza fritta (10€),上面是Mortadella火腿,each bite convincing me that I could just come back for this.

我还发现了越南语巴纳菜单上,this is a Vietnamese sandwich with baguette bread topped with pork pate,roasted pancetta,carrots,daikon,黄瓜和香菜。We didn't try it this visit but I am very intrigued to sample this delicious-sounding treat another time.令人惊讶的是,我的衬衫上只有四分之一的比萨饼屑,I saved the rest for the cookie I had for dessert.

纳迪亚还带我们吃了餐前点心,这是你通常在早午餐前不吃的。We bit into airy,crunchy puffs filled with a beet creme and topped with sprinkled cheese.Deliciously light,and wonderfully fresh for a hot weekend summer day in Florence.Did I ever tell you guys I have a thing for beets??

我的一个聪明的朋友点了full English breakfast,which of course resulted in immediate food envy when we spotted his full platter of steaming sausage,烤豆,toast,plump grilled tomatoes,mushrooms,bacon and eggs (12€).

I ended of course with a swift shot of espresso and a chocolate chip cookie.For some reason I do not have the"cookie master"skills so many of my friends possess.My normally come out like burnt flying saucers or some sort of test for my husband to see how much he loves me"这些是很好的蜂蜜(咳嗽时)。在这里,这些饼干意味着生意,perfectly soft and crumbly with no burnt edges to be seen.Hallelujah!!

我们有机会和纳迪亚谈一谈,,Momiois the brain-child of both her and her partner in life Marco and a cherished word of love affirmation between them both.A refreshing and notable point since sometimes I wonder how these restaurants come up with their names.It's a bit like a tattoo,it should have true meaning or maybe you shouldn't do it at all.

有点背后的故事:纳迪亚和马可来自奥维托,在生活在伦敦和现在威廉希尔真人龙虎斗的佛罗伦萨之前,他们曾进行过广泛的旅行。I heard 威廉希尔中文网站about the place from my friendEmiko Davies,你知道那个了不起的食谱作者和美食作家吗??

我忍不住问纳迪亚why Florence?“since neither of them are from here and she answered with"Firenze is the perfect middle-sized city,small enough to be easy livable but hip enough to accept an International place like this.We wanted to create a selection of dishes that reflect our time abroad."“

She led me downstairs to the charming basement level space where the restaurant and lounge are located.I swooned over the exposed-brick details,floral furniture and retro furnishings.This area is for those who want to have a cup of tea,a coffee who can feel free to plug in their computer and stay awhile (free WiFi),a godsend to us freelancers.

在相邻的房间里是餐厅,设计流畅,但也很友好。在这里,就餐者可以尽情享用一份精致的菜单,其中包括一些有趣的菜,如带有猪肉面颊和洋葱的意式烩饭,或是一份liver bruleewith chicken liver,anchovies and capers,又香又滑,it sounds delicious.就像我说的,我还没尝过晚餐的菜单,但我很感兴趣。

对于佛罗伦萨的其他早午餐或新开张,I invite you totake a look at my"eats"page,一个比你所能说的发展更快的列表”si mangia?““

  • 莫里奥菲伦泽:周日星期三上午9点至晚上11点开放。9am-8:30pm,Tuesday,Closed Mondays.地址:Via Pisana 9C,佛罗伦萨,Italy.





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