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9月佛罗伦萨活动,William Hill真人百家乐Italy: Personal Suggestions For a Great Month


The humidity of August has a tendency to linger,,当然。But what lies in waiting is the promise of cooler evenings and an abundance of everything,William Hill真人百家乐events,food festivals,wine,work.传统上在意大利,September marks the start of wine harvest season when farmers start collecting grapes from their vineyards.说实话,this summer has been a hard one for farmers.在农村生活和工作的朋友告诉我,由于高温和持续干旱,许多人已经提前开始收割。

另一个值得注意的是,我最近对热带风暴德克萨斯州的哈维飓风所影响的那些人的看法,这在我的家乡造成了严重的破坏。Luckily my own family is safe in San Antonio,但重要的是要强调德克萨斯州不是世界上唯一受洪水影响的地方吗.On a positive note,I've seen image after image of people coming together and helping those affected by the flooding,,and animals too.看到人们为了共同利益而聚在一起,尽管美国最近存在这样的政治和社会分歧,这是令人难以置信的鼓舞。

尼科和我一直在观察飓风带来的暴雨袭击了我家乡得克萨斯州的数千人,我想知道如何提供帮助。The areas along the gulf coast have been heavily flooded,而更多降雨的威胁还在继续。如果你想帮忙,休斯顿市长西尔维斯特·特纳已经建立了哈维救济基金(我会把这个联系写在我的简历里)。你也可以向当地的一家食品银行捐款,比如““喂德克萨斯”a statewide non-profit that helps provide food for families in need and @npr Has a great list of local organizations.Hats off also to the SPCA of #Texas organizing evacuations of pets,providing shelter and accepting donated pet food,ps.他们正在寻找寄养志愿者帮助。I might be far away in #YourFlorence but It is infinitely important to be there for those in need.My 💛 is with you Texas..

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Link love for the month of September

This weekend,9月2日和3日,marks'La Fireucola del Pane,这座城市最古老的Fireucola(market selling biological products and promoting the use of organic and biodynamic farming on a small scale.)今天和明天都在圣玛丽亚安南夏塔广场。第34版,九月份的第一个周末将在圣玛丽亚阿南齐亚塔广场(Piazza Santa Maria Annunziata)设立露天食品市场。all-day long (9am to sundown).Here you can find not only bread,but organic honey,其他食品和手工制品。More info can be foundhere(In Italian).

Also this weekend (what a way to kick off the month,真的)是annual"Open studios"run by and at德国文化学院和艺术家居住别墅罗马纳。Expect live exhibitions,导游,视频安装,一套DJ和大量其他免费的艺术作品,向公众开放。更多细节可以找到here.

September 3rd (Sunday) marks the last day of a weekend of opera,cuisine and music in one of the most stupendous gardens in the city of Florence.“新一代节日”“isset to bring the best,young music talent世界舞台。更酷的是,您可以在展会期间订购一个豪华的篮子(附带佛罗伦萨特色菜和一瓶葡萄酒)。Tickets range from 35€ and upwards,more details andwhere to book here.

First free Sundays is something I have been including in every monthly lineup因为在一个博物馆众多的城市里,他们提供至少一天的时间,让你参观城里最重要的地方,免费。这一天将于9月3日到来。我建议去一些不太知名但令人难以置信的地方,比如Bargello Museum,Palazzo Vecchio and the Brancacci Chapelnear卡门广场.More info can be foundhereon which museums are自由开放.

我也在网上看到过““台湾制造”,a solo-exhibition of photography student Matt Che-I Liao将于9月1日至6日在Le Murate Letterario咖啡馆举行,Free entrance!e展览展示了马特在旅行中拍摄的照片,威廉希尔真人龙虎斗他关注的是人,他们所处理的文化和问题。

不要错过歌唱家/作曲者在鹅酒吧的展示9月5日(上午9:00-12:00)。Along with the open-mic,它们还将具有功能Inger作曲人Giulia Millanta,一个出生于佛罗伦萨的本地人,现在叫奥斯汀,德克萨斯家。In their words"A creative and prolific artist,she has released four albums and tours regionally,全国各地,and internationally."“

我强烈推荐joining a charitable eveningon the terrace of Forte Belvedere on September 7th(星期四)to raise funds for the people affected by a terrible earthquake that摧毁了阿玛特里斯镇8月26日在意大利,2016年在意大利中部。一起享受pasta all'amatriciana,参与者还可以品尝签名。”菜肴“来自佛罗伦萨和托斯卡纳风景区的十几位重要厨师中,包括保罗和安德里亚·戈里,Maria ProbstStefanoPellegrino Frassinetito name a few.The evening program includes a buffet dinner open to the public,with a participation fee of 25 euros that will be entirely donated to the Italian Red Cross to continue helping those affected by last year's disaster.The event starts at 8pm at Forte Belvedere.如果你不能去,但想捐款,send your donation to this Iban IT37O0832773470000000005400,由市议会领导并撰写阿多塔歌剧院for reconstruction. For more information email

September 7th isThe费斯塔·德拉·里菲科隆,,或每年的纸灯节为了纪念基督教节日庆祝圣母玛利亚的诞生(9月8日)。在佛罗伦萨,这个节日也标志着居住在中心外的农民将游行进入Santissima Annunziatacarrying paper lanterns on the evening of September 7th to then sell their goods in a market in the same square on September 8th.晚上7点左右在广场Santissima Annunziata希望看到许多当地的意大利家庭拿着有趣的纸灯,当地的孩子们试图通过发射喷雾剂来点燃纸灯(我不骗你)。说实话,当面看很酷,尤其是如果这是你第一次来佛罗伦萨。

Also on tap for extended hours for visits is theUffizi画廊.Thissummer's prolonged hours运行through September 26every Tuesday.在这周二,concerts and other exhibitons are offered as brief"幕间休息当参观者在博物馆的大厅里穿行时。There are an excited array of William Hill真人百家乐events this month worth attending and you can get the fill update on each Tuesday's performancehere.My preferred pick this September in their series is on9月19日:The protagonist of this evening will be the hiphop dance company密斯提斯with a choreography titledLucida folliainspired by the painting"朱迪思,谁砍下了全息蕨?龙胆蒿。Various styles of urban dance will be accompanied with electronic music.

别忘了去看看Ytalia exhibit which features over 100 contemporary artworks themed on"能量,thoughts,beauty"10月2日之前,意大利主要艺术家在佛罗伦萨周边的关键地点this includesForte Belvedere,Palazzo Vecchio,Museo Marino Marini,皮蒂宫波波里花园,the Uffizi Galleries,Santa Croce Church.我们参观了16世纪Forte Belvedere它承载了许多作品,包括一个巨大的骨架躺在城市全景面前等等。今年不是免费的,但是居民可以花2欧元买一张卡(带上你的居住证件),而游客可能要付3欧元的入场费。还有一个从皮蒂到贝尔维迪的专车every thirty minutes so make sure to take advantage of the ride.

Enjoy live music on select evenings atFlower at Piazzale Michelangelo,一个俯瞰城市的好地方,我敢说,晚上开始变冷的时候,带上一件轻便的夹克或毛衣。这里是音乐节目九月。

厌倦了你的旧衣服堆满了你的房子(我的生活故事),你很幸运,因为今年九月会有“只有Usatoa“梅卡托·戴尔的“USATO”旧衣服展览会 所有人都被邀请了。9月9日下午12:00-9:00,人们将出售他们的衣服(提前发送电子邮件到NAB现场)。listening to music,喝一杯这听起来很有趣。address:Frigo*经Della Chiesa 27/21R,,Firenze

My favorite local food festival"sagra del tartufo"从9月2日到9月24日我正准备回去基隆附近(佛罗伦萨郊区)品尝松露。In its 33rd year of existence,来自意大利蓝十字组织的志愿者聚集在一起提供松露披萨,truffle bruschette,松露意大利面,truffle sausage – I sound a bit like布巴甘但你明白我的意思。

It's cheap,乘坐14号线(通往吉隆)公交车,在车站可以看到,既有趣又方便,到那里大约要25分威廉希尔中文网站钟,这是最后一站。More info ishere(in Italian).You sit at communal tables,光线太荧光了,and there are plenty of Italians.他们今年有了一个新的结构,提升了萨格拉感受这眼泪。我喜欢它!地址:前往桑德罗·佩蒂尼广场,Fiesole then take a left to find the new structure.

9月6日是本月的塔索旅馆开放麦克之夜where anyone can perform their original content to a fun group of locals.欢迎所有人使用任何语言。本月的主题是”回到学校“and this session's host isMC Lee Foust长期居住在佛罗伦萨,是佛罗伦萨作家和公开麦克风的创始成员。任何想表演一首歌的人,读一首诗,an excerpt from their book or writings is welcome to join the fun.

不是在佛罗伦萨,第一部分是在一个可爱的小镇庞塔西夫,从Santa Maria Novella坐火车很容易,相信我,我会给你一个参观的好理由。我说的是威廉希尔中文网站库克一年一度的节日revolved around food,music and wine (naturally) taking place from September 8th to the 10th.

这不是在佛罗伦萨的第二部分,但这是一个接近我心的事件,对任何9月9日来佛罗伦萨旅游的人来说都是一次美妙的经历。一个极好的有机酿酒厂卡斯蒂利纳槲皮素(在基安蒂的卡斯特利纳,a hour from Florence) is hosting their final vineyard dinner of the season showcasing the culinary delights ofLa Tenda Rossaand Querceto's fabulous organic wines.通过电子邮件mary@querceto.com预订您的位置,+39 0577733590 or,+39 055826132.

Get out of town!For fellow instagram lovers or anyone who wants to meet Tuscans,you'll want to go to the Mugello (in the Tuscan countryside) on September 10th.本次活动是为了纪念穆杰罗和罗工作室视觉机构组织的乔托诞辰750周年,致力于发现乔托,the"green Mugello",enjoying good food and of course,Instagram.The event will take place in Crespino sul Lamone,a small and quaint village surrounded by the forests of Alto Mugello. Lunch costs 10 € per person and includes a fixed menu (Polenta with meat sauce or alternatively beefsteak and pork sausage with french fries + homemade desserts at will + red wine and water ).
拉蒙的克雷斯皮诺可以乘汽车或火车从佛罗伦萨到达。The event is also open to families with children of all ages.更多信息以及如何预订您的位置can be found here(in Italian).

-下午12:43乘火车抵达克雷斯皮诺(从佛罗伦萨出发,smn 11.40)
– 13.00 Lunch at the Circus of Crespino

我的朋友在Relax Firenze,,佛罗伦萨中心的健康中心,,9月11日至16日是开放周offering free classes to anyone interested in trying out yoga,nia and pilates.这是一个很好的机会,看看这是否是一个地方,你关于健身,或只是了解各种各样的服务。

在喜玛拉雅山的Stanza di Sale享受瑜伽

由relax firenze(@relax firenze)分享的帖子

On September 12thcheck out the opening of exhibition一方,最近的一系列视频,photography and sculpture works by艺术家安娜·罗斯,暗示着一种孤独感和幽默感,其中商对象和熟悉的符号的作用被置乱,进入一个改变形状的神话游戏。The opening starts at 6pm at the SACI Madoff Gallery,address:通过圣埃吉迪奥,,14。展览可在10月前参观。

一个朋友告诉我9月12日informal discussion威廉希尔中文网站about Baret Magarian's novelThe Fabricationswhich has been hailed as"辉煌的成就”乔纳森科,as"光彩夺目”by Kirkus,以及“令人眼花缭乱由阿尔比恩·比特尼克出版社出版。讨论将在圣路易斯举行。Mark's English Church on Via Maggio from 7-8pm.This would be a great chance to meet the wonderful group from"佛罗伦萨作家。“

我的朋友在The Florentineare hosting a 12 hour open day (10am-10pm) in San Niccoloon September 14th at Palazzo San Niccolo让公众有机会加入幕后团队,参加面试,seminars,可以预先预订的研讨会等等。我很喜欢玛丽·格雷会在租来的相关故事中主持一场聊天,而这些故事肯定会让我觉得很好笑。I've been thereoh weird apartments in Florence.也不要错过Emiko Davies摄影工作室!今天应该是个有趣的日子。

I'm really 威廉希尔中文网站about ajazz fringe music festival9月13日至17日离开都灵,来到奥尔特拉诺。预计将有超过200名艺术家和50场免费演出河的另一边。”我还没有在他们的FB页面或在线上找到完整的程序,但我会继续检查here在那个竞技场更新。

A festival that brings together man,女人,儿童和早熟的小猎犬,9月14日至17日的格拉托节will take place in米开朗基罗广场拥有多达16名盖拉托工匠的创意口味!晚上12点到10点。在线获取Gelato卡,了解更多信息information here.

你可能看到一个摩天轮从帕科卡辛尼的树上向外窥视,城市最大的绿地它是年度的一部分La Festa dell'Unit_,,由人民民主党政党主办的一年一度的节日,essentially a community festival with plenty of street food,儿童游戏,当然还有巨大的摩天轮。营业到9月17日,check out the这里有完整的程序.

Almost 300 years later,梅第奇王朝的最后两位继承人are brought back to life in a multimedia masterpiece of"infotainment,“它结合了数字复制的家庭的非凡和无价的艺术遗产和现场戏剧表演。The Show honors the memory of this legendary family and its artistic,scientific,文化,以及对当时社会的精神贡献,and to society today,因为它已经成为世界各地灵感的源泉。facebook.

除星期一外,每天有五场演出,所有节目将以英语进行,本季首场演出将于9月5日开始。where?在前圣奥诺弗里奥修道院(via faenza 48).更多信息:email满30欧元,students (to age 25) 20 €,12岁以下儿童免费,family options are also available.official eventwebsite.

I love browsing antiques and every third weekend of the month (this month September 16th and 17th) is一个大型户外古董市场.Alternatively,你可以享受the expansive flea marketevery last weekend of the month in Piazza Ciompi.

加入一个不错的团队与当地专家讨论动物权利9月21日晚上7点到9点,在圣路易斯,什么是适合动物的?Mark's English Church in Florence.主题包括给猫和狗做喷雾和绝育,如何成为负责任的宠物父母,volunteerism,以及旅游/娱乐业中动物周围的问题。

艺术爱好者将对本月在斯特罗齐宫举行的新展览感到非常兴奋。威廉希尔中文网站“2017年9月21日至2018年1月21日,斯特罗齐宫将举办 The Cinquecento in Florence.从米开朗基罗和庞托摩到吉安博洛尼亚,a spectacular exhibition devoted to the art of the 16century in Florence showcasing over seventy works of art by such artists as Michelangelo,布龙齐诺瓦萨里罗索佛罗伦萨,PontormoSanti di Tito,Giambologna和Bartolomeo Ammanati。““

9月24日返回年度慈善活动”Corri la Vita“在佛罗伦萨这总是一件大事.你可以花10欧元捐给慈善机构,支持与乳腺癌的斗争,并参加这座城市相当著名的马拉松比赛。.它开始于广场大教堂,结束于广场della signoria。Plus you can get a cool t-shirt and have an excuse to eat lasagna for breakfast注册here.

On the last Saturday of September is something truly unique in Florence,the arrival of the卡罗马托(疯狂的马车)在佛罗伦萨的街道上会有一场游行传统的白牛拉酒”“卡罗“(wagon) filled with wine flasks from Chianti Rufina to celebrate Tuscany's wine harvest.Usually the fun takes place around 3-3:30pm.

September 30th,cookbook author,blogger,general badass and friend Emiko Davies will talking 威廉希尔中文网站about herlatest cookbook"Acquacotta“(提供来自托斯卡纳银色海岸线的食谱和故事)Todo Modo书店(在佛罗伦萨市中心)。It will be a great chance to meet the author and pick up one of her books which I use religiously on a daily basis.时间:18:30.看看这个和她今年9月的其他活动William Hill真人百家乐在这里。

While not exactly a specific event,don't miss the chance to visit one of the city's rooftop terraces before they close for the season.Most of which are on top of hotels where anyone can go for an aperitif drink,or sometimes even stay for dinner but if you want a budget-friendly suggestion,前往扁圆图书馆的自助餐厅,鸟瞰冲天炉。Otherwise the hotel terraces offer a beautiful,城市全景——请注意,饮料通常价格不高,质量一般(除精益求精外)。

  • B-Roof is the newly inaugurated rooftop bar on Hotel Baglioni.这是一个理想的地方,一个大的日落开胃酒,宽敞的露台在您的贝克和呼吁鸟瞰大教堂(不仅如此)。Dig into curated snacks and fun cocktails,请记住,最好预约。Added bonus,you are very close to the train station should you need to jet off quickly.+39 055 23588865www.hotelbaglioni.it网站

  • “拉特拉on top of Hotel Continentalis open to the public and is a sexy,这是一个非常复杂的地点,可以啜饮一头莫斯科骡子,鸟瞰维奇奥桥。昂贵的,cocktails cost around 16 (if not more) euros,open daily from 3:30pm-10pm.address: Vicolo dell'Oro,6R–50123佛罗伦萨,电话。+39 055 2726 5806,
  • 埃克斯托酒店is a prime spot for fashionistas to grab a drink on one of the best terraces in town.我不在这里吃晚饭,只喝一杯。Piazza Ognissanti,3.营业时间:晚上7:30-10:30。
  • Say hello to the Duomo!凯沃尔大酒店是我通常选择带人去喝一杯有着令人惊叹的景色的饮料。我喜欢它的亲密感觉,not outrageous prices and niceness of the bar staff.Drinks aren't as great as Continental but I assure you,这个地方值得一游而不必让你的钱包心脏病发作。地址:Via del Proconsolo,3.
  • 扁形保持凉爽。在扁圆图书馆的顶部这是一家很受意大利学生欢迎的咖啡馆。The great thing is you can also get a drink here and prices are cheap so this is a wonderful option for those who are on a budget,但还是想在他们的脸上重击。address: via dell'Oriuolo,26.组织私人开胃酒的好地方。Info here.
  • Hotel Plaza Hotel Lucchesi's stunning rooftop terrace由国家图书馆加强了他们今年的比赛,主办了一个特殊的开胃酒夜晚每个星期天由受欢迎的厨师西蒙埃森齐亚莱。Also on tap are two special dinners on Thursday the 22nd of June and Thursday the 13th of July带主题的sac dinner"拉坦德罗索美食餐厅。reservations recommendedprenotazioni ed informatiozioni allo 0552623500 della zecca vecchia,38.
  • 米涅瓦格兰德酒店‘360 360’屋顶酒吧: has a new menu for 2016.在圣玛利亚诺维拉广场的游泳池旁,这个地方太酷了,说不出话来,完全符合酒店最近的装修。每天从午夜7点开始营业。一杯普罗塞科酒6欧元,鸡尾酒12欧元。Email for a reservation.
  • Torre Guelfa酒店在Borgo Apostoli有一个小酒吧on top of an ancient tower (you have to ask at reception if they have space,酒店客人优先)。这里的景色是城里最好的景色之一,饮料的价格相当于9欧元一杯雪碧(在佛罗伦萨的屋顶上偷来的)。The cover photo of this post was taken there.







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    Baret Magarian
    07.09.2017 at 0:24

    Hi Georgette,thanks for this wonderful and all inclusive list,我也可以补充一下,我也将在9月12日下午7点在圣马克教堂举办一个活动,讨论我的小说《编造》,由一个作家和评论家组成的小组,应该是一个令人兴奋的讨论!威廉希尔中文网站你的追随者可能会有兴趣来-非常感谢,Baret Magarian

    1. 答复
      07.09.2017 at 9:32

      Hello Baret,that sounds really cool!If you don't mind,can you send me a link to the event??

        1. 答复
          08.09.2017 at 8:17


          1. Baret Magarian
            10.09.2017 at 22:23


  5. 答复
    Adrianna Suarez

    谢谢你考虑我们德克萨斯人!威廉希尔中文网站我完全爱上了你的网站,并一直把它作为我计划去意大利旅行的参考。My husband and I are going on your first trip to Italy October 1.It was so exciting to see your post 威廉希尔中文网站about Texas….I am a fellow San Antoni'ian!Makes me see why I feel like I am on the same page with a lot of your advice!!

    你有机会就如何安排我们的时间提出建议吗?这就像我知道我想看的网站,但不知道如何决定什么时候做什么,并且讨厌自己过度预订!ahhhh so much to decided lol

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